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Research Down Syndrome (RDS) Runners is an official charity partner of

The 2014 San Francisco Marathon taking place on July 27.

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RDS Runners' Benefits

  • – Guaranteed entry in the San Francisco Full or Half Marathon.
  • – Dri-fit RDS Runners shirt 
  • – Availability to our running coach
  • – Personal fundraising page

Research Down Syndrome is the foundation that is changing the course in understanding and treating intellectual disabilities in Down syndrome. 

RDS is committed to supporting the identification of the causes of the intellectual impairments associated with Down syndrome and to facilitating the development of pharmacological therapies to improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome. Remarkable progress has already been made over a very short time. In fact, three human clinical trials have already begun, less than a decade after the support of private foundations stimulated the progress of Down syndrome cognitive research.

Your support will help translate these research initiatives into a reality. Please join with the RDS Runners team as their miles help RDS fund research that already has made extraordinary progress.

Fundraising Details 

For the privilege of receiving an entry into this prestigious event, RDS Runners are being asked to raise $500 to support Down syndrome cognitive research. You can view the commitment and charity waiver form here and can send the completed waiver form to rdsrunners@researchds.org

Let's Race for the Extraordinary!

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Fundraising Tools

One easy to use tool for spreading awareness of your running efforts is the internet.

Run with Siobhan_LemonadeEmails and social media is an easy and fast way to forward your online fundraising page to family, friends, and co-workers. We continually find that runners are surprised at how much they are able to raise by contacting people through emails and Facebook asking for their support of their racing efforts.


The internet is not the only tool for fundraising, and some runners have raised funds in creative and fun ways. To read more about different funraising tools and ideas you can use click here.


Fundraising Language

Click here for language we encourage RDS Runners to use on Facebook, emails, etc. when promoting racing efforts.

If you have any questions about the program, race registration, fundraising, or anything else you can think you can always contact RDS Runners at rdsrunners@researchds.org

Visit the RDS Runners blog to read about upcoming races and race results. "Like" the Research Down Syndrome Facebook page for updates on RDS Runners as well as general RDS news and research updates.