The DS360 network is hoping to include individuals with Down syndrome in an important research study during the NDSC Convention in Denver in July. Funded by the RDS and DSRTF, this Down Syndrome Cognition Project study uses the Arizona Cognitive Test Battery (ACTB) to assess cognitive function in relation to health factors and genetics in children with Down syndrome. You are also invited to stop by the DS360 booth at the conference to learn more about this nation-wide, multi-center study.

(And of course, we encourage you to stop by the RDS booth as well!)

Here is more information about the study and scheduling a time in Denver: 

Research on Learning in Children with Down Syndrome in Denver at the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention
July 19 -21, 2013

The Psychology Department at the University of Arizona is looking for volunteers in a study on Down syndrome. Participants will be compensated for their time. If your child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and is between 7 and 17 years of age, and you would like to obtain more information about the study, please call 520-626-0244 or write an email to 

They will be in Denver and testing can occur during the conference times.

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