RDS 2013/2014 Research Grants


Current Research Grants Supported by Research Down Syndrome are focused on:

•   Neurotransmission imbalances involved in cognitive dysfunction and corrective therapeutic 
•   Disruption in development and growth in the brain and potential therapies
•   Alzheimer's related pathology and cognitive decline together with new therapeutic strategies
•   The relationship of sleep disorder and cognition in Down syndrome
•   The development of cognitive(including language) testing protocols, and their use in more 
    rigorous definitions of cognitive variability and clinical assessments
•   Identification of biomarkers for cognitive function applicable to clinical studies and trials
•   The identification of additional genes associated with neurotransmission dysfunction and 
    cognition both

 Research Down Syndrome_2013-2014 Research Grant Summaries Image

The 2013/2014 RDS Research Grants:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: RDS Research Center Grant entitled “A Down Syndrome Virtual Center for Basic and Translational Studies-Cognition and Therapy in Down Syndrome”    

University of California, San Diego School of Medicine: RDS Research Center Grant entitled “Defining the genes and mechanisms and treatments for neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative causes of cognitive dysfunction in Down syndrome”

University of Arizona: RDS Innovation Research Grant entitled “The Neuropsychology of Down Syndrome”

Stanford University School of Medicine: RDS Innovation Research Grant entitled “Mechanisms Underlying the Roles of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in the Learning Disability of Down Syndrome”

VA Palo Alto Health Care System: RDS Innovation Research Pilot Grant entitled “Improving Adrenergic Signaling for the Treatment of Cognitive Dysfunction in Down Syndrome”