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Government Funding

While government funding of Down syndrome research has increased by 43% since 2006, Down syndrome research continues to be underfunded on a proportionate basis when compared to other areas of medical research. 

Our Foundation's research grants are helping spur remarkable progress in understanding intellectual disabilities in Down syndrome and developing potential therapies to improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome.

Current RDS Research Program Grants are focused on:

•   Neurotransmission imbalances involved in cognitive dysfunction and corrective therapeutic 
•   Disruption in development and growth in the brain and potential therapies
•   Alzheimer's related pathology and cognitive decline together with new therapeutic strategies
•   The relationship of sleep disorder and cognition in Down syndrome
•   The development of cognitive(including language) testing protocols, and their use in more 
    rigorous definitions of cognitive variability and clinical assessments
•   Identification of biomarkers for cognitive function applicable to clinical studies and trials
•   The identification of additional genes associated with neurotransmission dysfunction and 

Additional detail on these grants may be found here

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