Our Mission


The mission of Research Down Syndrome is to fund and support scientific research directed towards the development of safe and effective drug therapies that will improve memory, learning and communication in persons with Down syndrome and address the increased likelihood for Alzheimer's disease.



Our Founding Principles


Research • Respect • Results


We support and fund research initiatives designed to identify the basis of the intellectual impairments associated with Down syndrome, including Alzheimer’s disease and learning disabilities. Research Down Syndrome supports research which will advance the development of safe and effective therapies with the potential to improve the cognitive abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.



We deeply respect each individual with Down syndrome as important members of our communities.  We are grateful for the medical and research communities whose ongoing efforts make it possible for many people to live longer, participate in life more actively and fight disease more vigorously.

We thank suppporters throughout the world, who, individually, or through organizations and foundations, enrich the lives of people with Down syndrome and inspire thousands more to do the same.  We all join in the belief that individuals with Down syndrome deserve our greatest research efforts.



We support research designed to contribute to the understanding and amelioration of cognitive impairment associated with Down syndrome. Research Down Syndrome prioritizes funding toward programs with a high probability of readily contributing to the development of safe and effective therapies. We are indebted to those people who provide support for this cause and will continue to work to assure that all contributions are applied in a responsible and goal oriented fashion.